John LeTourneau

Why Hire John!

  • Reason #1

    John is incredibly easy to work with. No prima donna attitude, just down to earth, easy going and low stress.

  • Reason #2

    John is funny, humorous, sometimes silly, and yet effective.

  • Reason #3

    As John is waiting to take the stage, he always takes a sacred pledge: “I promise I will NEVER read a PowerPoint from the screen to a group of professionals.” Learning comes best from discussion and interaction, and John is a master of this art.

  • Reason #4

    John comes ready to work. He carries a WIDE range of cords, plugs, tape, pointers, markers, and what feels like an entire Office Depot in his bag. Like a Boy Scout, his motto is “Be Prepared!”

  • Reason #5

    John is a huge sci-fi geek and may even bring his Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter or Lightsaber Laser Pointer to some assignments.

  • Reason #6

    John will help fill your classes by promoting them through social media and introductory videos.

  • Reason #7

    John believes that early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable for a speaker.

  • Reason #8

    Before speaking, John also takes a second sacred pledge: “I promise I will NEVER hawk merchandise, coaching, or cutlery closing gifts when anywhere within 25,000 miles of your location.”

  • Reason #9

    Although he has South Side Chicago heritage, John can be either a Cubs or Sox fan upon request, if it helps with booking engagements.

  • Reason #10

    John is in the Chicago area. This central location allows John to reach all corners of the globe quickly and efficiently, which can save on travel budgets for his clients. He is also willing to bring flash frozen Chicago style pizza upon request.