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Recognized as a leader and international educator in the real estate community with over a decade of practical experience, John LeTourneau is a tireless advocate for the real estate industry – John is humorous, engaged, and challenges agents to raise the bar professionally. His teaching style is a blend of “old school” sales skill development, coupled with the cutting edge of technological innovation.

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Banana Bread
& Real Estate Education.

John has authored a series of highly entertaining, yet poignantly effective sales skill development courses – perfect for both newer and experienced agents. Each course focuses heavily on active listening, role playing and group participation. John accomplished this while still having time to make his marvelous banana bread, which he sometimes shares with seminar attendees.

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John LeTourneau and Engaged Seminars have earned a great reputation. Here's what John Gormley, CEO of Mainstreet Organization of Realtors has to say about John.

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